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Opalescence Take Home Whitening Gels allow you to whiten your teeth at your convenience—in a safe, quick, and effective way.

Safe. Whitening your teeth under the supervision of your dentist has been proven safe by clinical studies over many years. The primary whitening ingredient in Opalescence, carbamide peroxide, has safely whitened the teeth of millions of people worldwide.
Quick. Opalescence Tooth Whitening Systems often provide results after just one night. Optimal natural whiteness usually takes a week to 10 days of treatment. After evaluating your smile, your dentist will tell you what to expect for your individual situation. 
Customized. After your dentist takes impressions of your teeth and makes custom trays specifically for your bleaching procedure, place the Opalescence gel in them and wear them over your teeth. Wear times vary, so follow the whitening treatment plan established by your dentist. During the whitening process, carbamide peroxide breaks down and oxygen enters the tooth. This bleaches discolored areas, but does not change the structure of the tooth.








Opalescence Go is the professional alternative to over-the-counter whitening options.

It's a simple, fast, and great-tasting way to start a whitening treatment or for whitening touch-ups. With no impressions or custom trays necessary, Opalescence Go is ready to use right out of the package!

  • Opalescence tooth whitening gel contains PF (potassium nitrate
    and fluoride). Potassium nitrate has been shown to help reduce sensitivity. Fluoride has been shown to help reduce caries and strengthen enamel. Together they help to improve the overall
    health of the teeth. 
  • No impressions, no models, no lab time
  • Sleek and comfortable; adapts to any smile
  • Discreet, clear tray material
  • 10% - wear 30–60 minutes for 5–10 days

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